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Newtown, CT
reply to structuredav

Re: [Other] advice on dealing with charter....2 year agreement u

Charter seems pretty hard nosed about their prices. We were customers for about 20 years also, first with just TV, then added internet about 2001.

We were on a 2 year contract that expired today. I had tried the local office but they said to contact Charter on-line for a better price. I tried that and got the standard rate, no deals. So, I tried Charter Direct - same thing, standard rate. Our 2 year rate was $114.81 and was to go to $147.04 as of today.

So, we switched to Uverse where we upgraded the number of TV channels considerably but lowered the internet from 15/3 to 12/1.5 at a monthly total of $110. There was some difficulty with our assigned link through the local VRAD which took a couple days for ATT to get straight. Their tech was very helpful and worked with their tier 2 support to correct the problem.

Internet seems about the same, Vonage phone works better(clearer audio), TV has more channels, DVR is easier to use. So far we're happy -- time will tell if it was a good move but the cost difference made it hard to resist. We weren't unhappy with Charter's service, just the cost.

Collinsville, IL
Might as well stay with Charter, it won't be long till ATT takes down the copper and takes it to the local recycling center .....

Charter might be hoping for that, but it ain't gunna happen.

Tom Rutledge MUST realize that you cannot soak long time loyal customers "just because"....

The churn is just beginning.

BTW I am NO fan of ATT either.