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Trouble setting up Cisco DDR2200-CL w/ CenturyLink

'Lo everyone. Around a week ago I moved into a different house and had signed up with CenturyLink. A technician came in to install everything and everything was all fine and dandy, for a while. They gave me the ZyXEL pk5001z, which turns out to have horrendous packet loss and is completely terrible for online gaming. So, I decided to buy a refurbished Cisco DDR2200 off eBay to replace the pk5001z; since I used the same modem (the DDR2200) at the previous house I stayed in, which also had CenturyLink. This is my first time attempting to set up a modem, and my knowledge on networking doesn't go far beyond basic. Here's some clues to the issue/things I've noted in the modem's GUI:


-After rebooting and/or reconnecting the CAT cable, the DSL/WAN LED will go solid, then start blinking slowly. According to the manual this signifies that the outer pair is dropping.

-Switching to Non-bonding mode in the DSL -> Settings -> DSL Master Settings causes the DSL/WAN LED to turn off completely.

I have the modem reset to Default Settings. I assume perhaps there is some sort of software I need (that I don't have a result of buying it off eBay)? The ZyXEL pk5001z works fine (packet loss not withstanding) using the same Ethernet and CAT cable.

Thanks in advance.


Arcadia, FL

their is 1 update to the device. that i know of .