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Telesales - misinformed or sleazy tactics?

I had a call from Suddenlink today (which showed up as UNKNOWN CALLER on my Caller ID, but that's a different topic). It was a salesperson that was really trying to get me to sign up for the Internet & Phone bundle. I started asking questions about ONLY adding internet to my line. Knowing what I've read here, I found it quite interesting.

Me: "What is the monthly download cap?"
SL: "We don't have any caps."
Me: "Really, I've read that SL has a 250 GB per month cap and that there will be additional charges after that".
SL: "Oh no, we have unlimited service."

I was also a bit surprised that SL couldn't tell me what Brand and Model of modem they wanted to sell me (as I told them I wasn't interested in "leasing" a modem so I could pay for it 20 times over).

They were offering a $30 per month rate for 15/1.5 service "guaranteed price for 12 months". So I had some more questions:

Me: "What is the price AFTER the 12 months"
SL: "Well, we don't know what the price will be a year from now. Just mark your calendar to remind you to check your bill in 12 months, to see how much the price has changed".
Me: "So what's the "regular" price today then?"
SL: "We have this $30 special".

Seriously? Is this the best Suddenlink can do? Why can't I find any pricing via Suddenlink.com? What's with all the obfuscation? Why don't your phone reps know what they're selling? Why are they not telling the truth about the caps? Seems like a pretty sleazy and/or sloppy organization to me.


Haughton, LA
REALLY good chance that was a random call center doing cold calls, so they most likely have 0-5% actual information on the service beyond the script.

You also can't find pricing information on the website because services are priced differently in every single market. Hell, there is a wide range of pricing just inside my own town.... :s


reply to HarryH3
Hi HarryH3- My name is Shannon and I am with Suddenlink. I’m sorry to hear of your recent experience and I would appreciate the opportunity to look further into this. You can contact me directly at shannon-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thanks!

Thanks Shannon, email sent.