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Allentown, PA

[Connectivity] Slow internet speed Lehigh Valley

I recently upgraded to the 25mb internet package. My speeds have been quite slow, often 7mb on the RCN speedtest page. My levels are all within the standard limits, my transmit power is 48, forward power 2, and SNR 38.5. Would someone be able to look into this for me? Thank you!

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Centreville, VA
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Re: [Connectivity] Slow internet speed Lehigh Valley

Ok I've got absolutely nothing, a ton of capacity in your area no signal issues and everything looks great. Put a monitor on your modem see if I'm missing something and let that watch for a few days. Will let you know.
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering


Allentown, PA
Thanks for looking into this. I havent been home much this week due to work, but the speeds have been in the 8-10 mbps range for the most part when testing to the site. However, my speeds are better when using and I have gotten close to 24mb tonight. It seems that its just the RCN site thats quite slow for me, but better with outside websites. This is all with the laptop plugged directly into the modem.