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Huntington Beach, CA

Networking Option #5 - Double Bridge part 2 help

Hi all,

I recently attempted networking option #5 double bridge and accomplished part 1; easy enough thanks to Celestil for the easy to follow instructions and MadMint for the pics.

1. At least I think I accomplished it. Is there a way to verify? I recently did networking option #1 and it basically had the same cable set up so I'm not sure if I changed anything aside from all the settings on the actiontec (AT).

2. I'm having trouble with part 2 of option #5. I can't get connected to my AT anymore. I've got ethernet going from AT lan1 to user router wan. I've tried connecting to the AT through the wireless of my user router and also plugged into lan1 of user router. I tried plugging into the lan2 of the AT and I'm able to access the GUI for about 5 seconds (not long enough to adjust settings) and then the connection goes dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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West Chester, PA
You might try the instructions here:
»How-to: Make Actiontec MI424WR Revision I (Rev.I) a Network
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