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Trouble setting up Cisco DDR2200-CL

'Lo everyone. Around a week ago I moved into a different house and had signed up with CenturyLink. A technician came in to install everything and everything was all fine and dandy, for a while. They gave me the ZyXEL pk5001z, which turns out to have horrendous packet loss and is completely terrible for online gaming. So, I decided to buy a refurbished Cisco DDR2200 off eBay to replace the pk5001z; since I used the same modem (the DDR2200) at the previous house I stayed in, which also had CenturyLink. This is my first time attempting to set up a modem, and my knowledge on networking doesn't go far beyond basic. Here's some clues to the issue/things I've noted in the modem's GUI:


-After rebooting and/or reconnecting the CAT cable, the DSL/WAN LED will go solid, then start blinking slowly. According to the manual this signifies that the outer pair is dropping.

-Switching to Non-bonding mode in the DSL -> Settings -> DSL Master Settings causes the DSL/WAN LED to turn off completely.

I have the modem reset to Default Settings. I assume perhaps there is some sort of software I need (that I don't have a result of buying it off eBay)? The ZyXEL pk5001z works fine (packet loss not withstanding) using the same Ethernet and CAT cable.

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking for setup guides, as you really haven't posed a question here. Reading up the DDR2200 on
Cisco, they're a vanilla xDSL gateway -- ie. ISP buys them in bulk, ships em out on an install, plugs em
in and off you go to the races.

If you want to configure them, that can be done via the webgui, so no there isn't any software you have
to buy off ebay.

If you want to tunnel into this sucker, the Install / Operation guide is here. Happy reading.