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FIOS is Awesome
Fresh Meadows, NY
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reply to cowspotter

Re: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Here is some more info ... apparently "MPGe" is starting to be used to help people better compare electric cars to gas cars. 33.7 kilowatt hours of electricity is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline is the base metric.


33.7 x $0.20 = $6.74 compared to approx $3.90 to $4.20 for regular gas around here.

TheTechGuru --

yeah, our rates are crazy! Does your 10 cent rate include transport fees? Mine does.

nunya --

I completely agree. I bought my 2006 Civic in March of that year and people were expecting us to hit $5 a gallon for regular by summer. I did a few comparisons based on my driving habits at the time and how many more miles I might add if I switched jobs and drove to work and I think the break even point would have been around $6 a gallon for me which we never hit. Outside of feeling good and going green, I would've lost money had I gone with a hybrid.
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