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Re: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Some more info I found, not sure how accurate

Roadster: 30 kWh / 100 mi
LEAF: 33 kWh / 100 mi
Volt: 36 kWh / 100 mi

»physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/201 ··· ic-cars/


So if I take 33 kWh x my rate of $0.20 = $6.60 per 100 miles.
$6.60 divided by 100 Miles = $0.066 per mile.

My Civic gets 40mpg on the highway per EPA
$4.00 per gal of regular divided by 40 miles = $0.1 per mile

So going by this calculation it would be a 30% savings or the equivilent of $2.80 a gallon


Now I am totally confused and not sure what to think on ROI.
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Chicago, IL
It really depends on how many miles you drive. Which is interesting... because the LEAF can only go so far. Yours seems to be the worst case scenario for 3 reasons:

1. $0.20 / kWh seems quite high to me, but your mileage my vary
2. civics get very good mpg
3. gas prices have been trending down since the summer peak

my situation:
I pay $0.13 / kWh here (do you count fees and such in yours? I did in mine for what its worth). My civic gets 36 mpg (non hybrid, 2008), $3.50 a gallon where I fill up lately

a Leaf for me:
(33 kWh * $0.13) / 100 = $0.0429 / mile

my civic:
so that would mean $3.50 / gal / 36 = $.097 / mile

I'd save about a $0.0543 a mile, and I go ~15k miles a year, thats ~$814 a year in savings for me. But I couldn't actually go that far in a leaf because the battery would die.

No but seriously. You can go what, 60 miles on a charge? Can you realistically drive it more than that in a day? Would it fully charge in ~8 hours? Meaning drive 60 miles to work, charge, drive 60 miles back?


Chicago, IL
»docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc? ··· WZXVTTWc

i got bored. it should be fairly obvious. i even added a "years to break even" thing!

oh and try not to break it