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Chicago, IL
reply to PhoenixDown

Re: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

It really depends on how many miles you drive. Which is interesting... because the LEAF can only go so far. Yours seems to be the worst case scenario for 3 reasons:

1. $0.20 / kWh seems quite high to me, but your mileage my vary
2. civics get very good mpg
3. gas prices have been trending down since the summer peak

my situation:
I pay $0.13 / kWh here (do you count fees and such in yours? I did in mine for what its worth). My civic gets 36 mpg (non hybrid, 2008), $3.50 a gallon where I fill up lately

a Leaf for me:
(33 kWh * $0.13) / 100 = $0.0429 / mile

my civic:
so that would mean $3.50 / gal / 36 = $.097 / mile

I'd save about a $0.0543 a mile, and I go ~15k miles a year, thats ~$814 a year in savings for me. But I couldn't actually go that far in a leaf because the battery would die.

No but seriously. You can go what, 60 miles on a charge? Can you realistically drive it more than that in a day? Would it fully charge in ~8 hours? Meaning drive 60 miles to work, charge, drive 60 miles back?


Chicago, IL

i got bored. it should be fairly obvious. i even added a "years to break even" thing!

oh and try not to break it