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[Mobile] LTE reception (Iphone 5) Bell Mobility

Ok in my area, very difficult to get a good LTE signal. For the south shore I get a corridor from Champlain Bridge to the Metro/subway but speeds are not that good
12.44 mbps /2.93 mbps /39ms /Lat 45.4733/Long -73.5424 and the best speed was 16.10/22.09 Lat 45.5293/Long-73.5125
Basically if I go outside the corridor it’s 3G.

For Montreal downtown, I was at Rush concert recently (18oct) and Crescent street no LTE, even Bell center no LTE (probably because I was inside building ? )

And Laval (St-Dorothee) to Boisbrian was spotty at best… LTE when I was on highway 15 but that’s about it…..

I spoke twice to Bell Mobility tech via 611 and I was told to shut off LTE and stick with 3G (I was not a happy camper with that answer)
I called Bell and made a complaint to customer service which was escalated to VP group and I was answered within 48 hours and they suggested to open a permanent ticket with tech support to monitor my situation or to replace nano-sim to see if situation improves.... :/
Lastly I went to my Bell store and asked for new nano-sim... I was told (it’s 25$) ….then they said network was not really everywhere and eventually it will get upgraded ........

Now Nov 16 even with IOS 6.1 patch still no improvement...Victoria bridge had LTE on monday but rest of the week, back to 3G ....just weird.

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There's an open master ticket right now regarding LTE reception/handoff-to-HSPA issues on all handsets. This is not an iPhone 5 problem as other LTE endpoints are experiencing No Service or spotty coverage. I hear they've been toying with the network to correct this... YMMV

I've shut off LTE as I've had numerous No Service issues on my iPhone 5. While this does tick me off with regards to network reliability, I have been quite happy with DC-HSPA performance.


Thank you very much for the update. Appreciate the feedback,



reply to kapatha
Update this morning, I had LTE for about 30 mins , oddly noticed it was on with full bars, maybe something changed....

Did speed tests while at the Bell Campus on nun's island first test was done with full bars in lobby, second test was done while on the 5th floor...

»www.speedtest.net/iphone/3904175 ··· 7568.png

»www.speedtest.net/iphone/3904210 ··· 1087.png

Anyway, hoping they will resolve the general ticket soon,



reply to jsb
Ok update for Nov 30th

I have been full bars LTE for at least 7 hours now, i'm positive they change/upgraded/fixed something, can you confirm ?

speed is a bit better

14.1 up and 7.2 down
Lat : 45.4733
Long -73.5423

thank you