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Earthlink Questions


My wife and I have been getting a bit of a runaround from Earthlink for a few weeks. We recently moved to a new place that apparently has "fiber to the premises" from Verizon, but copper phone lines internally. The prior owners had FIOS and the larger Verizon fios box had been installed in the basement. In order to save some money (and because we don't really need a cable bundle) we decided to try earthlink DSL, rather than Verizon FIOS or Comcast (as a side note, even though we only moved about 200 yards, and had previously been on a "lifetime" Verizon slow DSL connection (750kbps for 15 a month!), Verizon was offering no option at current place, other than $60 a month FIOS, which would go up after 6 mos or a year. Anyway, Earthlink said we could get DSL at our new location, but said we couldn't activiate until we had local phone service setup. So, then we had some trouble with Verizon setting up phone line -- turns out the copper had been disconnected when they installed the FIOS. Well, after a week of confusing calls from Verizon, the technician came up and re-attached are copper line. Great! Then we got the modem from Earthlink on Tuesday and the Earthlink rep. called to say that the DSL wouldn't be turned on until Friday. Ok, fine. Well, last night I decided to start hooking everything up, so it was ready when the DSL was turned on, and the Earthlink "packing slip" said to call and confirm order was received. I figured this was some automated thing, so I called Earthlink and, through the phone tree, got routed to a customer service rep. Well, after pulling up my account, the rep said that my order had been cancelled because DSL is not available at my location. Then he transferred me over to the sales department, and the guy their claimed that dual phone service/dsl was NOT available at my location, but that I could get dry loop DSL if I installed a second line (also, and I'm not clear on this point, but I think, according to the rep, I could use my existing line, if I cancelled my local Verizon phone service). So, at this point, I think we have lost a little faith in what we are being told by Earthlink, and are ready to submit to Verizon Fios. Any thoughts out there? Is that Verizon FIOS box in the basement/fiber to the premises going to cause problems with EL DSL, even if we get a new line, or cancel local phone service?

Wow, suprised nobody has any thoughts on this one. Well, I did have a long online support chat with EL on Friday, and after getting to supervisor level, they appeared to confirm that we can neither get dual service DSL at our location, or dry loop DSL. Also, I apparently got them to agree to refund the $20 we had to pay to ship the modem to us, based on their representations that we could use Earthlink DSL.