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Hi there
Lachine, QC
reply to PX Eliezer70

Re: This explains a lot: people are getting dumber

I lived through the ice storm up here... not only did we not have electricity for a week, but it was freezing, walking outside was dangerous and we had the army forcing people to evacuate in certain areas.

I've also lived through a couple of bad snowstorm in Russia when I was a kid... electricity was the least of the problems there. And I've also spent some time living on a farm during my summers where all we just had a small house with electricity being used only for light... where I've also hunted, knew all the mushrooms, berries and fruits I could and couldn't eat in the forest, was able to walk through the forest and get back home without any GPS or compass... So believe me, I know how that can be and my view remains the same

And every single person you've named lived after we've became an agricultural society, and survived because of the hunting and building skills of others. Do you really think that Archimedes, Newton, DaVinci, or anyone else would've been able to even contribute 1/1000th of what they left behind had they been too busy hunting for boars and building shelters, or worse, dying because they were too smart and artistic and not good enough of a hunter?