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Ajax, ON

[TV] "This channel is currently not available" issue

Hey folks,

Over the past few days, I've tried to tune in to my favourite channels (i.e. GameTV, Global BC, Metro 14, etc.) and I realised that when I tune into a channel saying that it is tuning in, a notice has popped up saying that "This channel is currently not available. Please try again later".

I've tried resetting the digital boxes manually, but it still failed to resolve that issue. Has anyone experienced this issue recently? It was working last week and I'm hinting that Rogers might be doing something.

Oh and I have those old Scientific Atlanta boxes, one of them is an HD receiver (as we have one HDTV in the living room). Any suggestions?

Gatineau, QC

Re: [TV] "This channel is currently not available" iss

This generally means there's a communication issue between your box and Rogers, and as such your box is operating in one-way mode (i.e. it can receive data but not send it).

Since many less-popular channels are now delivered via Switched Digital Video, it explains why they aren't coming in. I'd assume that if you tried Rogers On Demand, it wouldn't work either.

It could be as simple as a bad splitter or more complicated like a damaged drop into your home.If you've added anything like a splitter recently, remove it and see if the problem is fixed. Otherwise, call Rogers. They may need to send a technician out to check signal strength into your home.

Since you have more than one box, it's unlikely that the issue is with the cable box itself.


i had last time same problem all you need to do is reboot your box and it should work


Ajax, ON
reply to simon726
Update: The problem has seem to be fixed. I haven't been able to tune into one of my favourite channels for the past few days.