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Bless you Howie
reply to FizzyMyNizzy

Re: Build ideas?

Well, he's on the border on that issue, he prefers full ATX boards but was looking at small ones for portability, and to fit in the smaller case. As far as the Antec, I have had 3 of them fail on me in the past. Yes, I know they've improved, but I refuse to give them business, if he wants to get it, fine, that's up to him.

As far as the HS/F, I suggested the Hyper 212+ because I don't think he needs to spend big money on a cooler. IF he overclocks, it will be a mild overclock, he's very wary of doing so. Besides, something that heavy in a small system being lugged around, no, it's a no go.

But thanks for all your input so far, it's all immensely appreciated.
Join Teams Helix and Discovery. Rest in Peace, Leonard David Smith, my best friend, you are missed badly! Rest in peace, Pop, glad our last years were good. Please pray for Colin, he has ependymoma, a brain cancer, donate to a children's Hospital.