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reply to nonamesleft

Re: charged 90 bucks for less then 2 minute job!

said by nonamesleft:

So your telling me this stupid wire maintenance plan that would cost me how much more every month would of saved me how much?

I was only making an observation. If the $90 repair was for inside wiring, hard to say what would have been saved. But, as Richie See Profile points out, premises wiring isn't always the source of problems; and the newer the premises, the less likely there will be problems.

OTOH, a poster in another thread beat me up about this "insurance racket" by pointing out that premises plumbing, like premises wiring, is not prone to failure. He points out the you don't usually find a "premises plumbing maintenance plan". Hence why I asked you how much you would pay to fix a problem with the premises plumbing?

As a fellow with technical expertise (I spent a few years doing component level board repair for Hewlett Packard), who can troubleshoot low voltage wiring, I can assure there are a very few (one relative, one former lover) people whose premises wiring I would fix for free. If I knew you fairly well, I'd do it for a meal, else I would charge you the going rate: 1/2 minimum charge, no matter if it took just two minutes. But you would still have come out ahead using my services, because even if I figured my rate at $90 an hour (I probably wouldn't go that high), the 1/2 hour minimum comes to $45 for a two minute fix.

They have to dispatch a truck to check at the demarc, but if they determine that the problem is in the premises wiring, they should warn you of the charge, and let you decide if you want them to do the work, want to do your own work, of try to find a certified low voltage electrician who will do it for less than their standard charge.
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Funny thing is, I had put down a pipe maintenance plan, but decided against it. So yeah it is stupid, and nothing but a racket anyways.

Funny thing is that supposedly a wire was shorted out, it was disconnected and that was it, no other work was done!

The thing that really pisses me off, is the tech said there is usually no charge, so I think it was highway robbery with the 90 bucks.


Columbus, OH
What side of the NID was the wire "shorted out"


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Ask them if they can break it up into payments for you.
Also, they should have let you know there will be a fee if the trouble was on yourside of the Network Interface Device.
Thats why they tell you to go to the NID and plug a working phone in to see if the trouble is outside the premise or inside.
If this wasnt explained to you, then work that angle.
If it was and you just didn't feel like doing it, then why should they send a tech out?


Columbus, OH
Why are you replying to me? I'm not the OP