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brad g


Terrible customer service!

So last week att people (inside guys, line guys, managers) were at my house for 15 hours over 2 days working on my exhisting internet. Could not figure out problem. thought it was great customer service but is been one week and have not heard back!!! every one that came out joked that the more they cleaned the line...the worse my internet got. That was all fine, but then they left me hanging in the wind!! The managers dont do a damn thing and apparently the people w spent hours trying to get to the bottom of my problem got chewed out by managmnt for spending so much time on one customer. Terrible costomer service and management wont send anyone back out to resolve my issue...WHICH THEY MADE WORSE!!!

tolle causam
Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable

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Check out this forum. They appear to handle UVerse issues as well. Someone please jump in here if I'm wrong. TIA.

»AT&T Direct

[edit] Check this link for "rules." Scroll down to "For AT&T UVERSE CUSTOMERS ONLY!" They mention an email address there and what to do if you don't get a solution to the problem.

»Posting Rules - AT&T Direct

I had an 8 hour install. Not pleasant, but they did figure out the problem. Was an issue with their three-prong plug on the UPS power supply. Mundane and took forever. They re-ran the Cat5e twice thinking they had a nick in the line.

Hope you get some relief.