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San Jose, CA
reply to Trev

Re: IPKall is good, but not CallCentric SIP

said by Trev:

Is there even anything left to beat of that poor unfortunate horse?

For every ConstantineM who highly advises against CallCentric, there are 20 forum regulars who will highly recommend them.

First of all, your proportions are completely not true. The amount of people who no longer recommend CallCentric, to those who blindly ignore the apparent problems, is not nearly 1 to 20, or not even 1 to 2 (it's probably max 1 to 1).

Second, even CC seems to be advising, or have been advising just a couple of weeks ago, to not use their SIP servers for registration due to their apparent DDoS, and to instead register a free account with some competing provider, and to forward incoming numbers to such competing provider. That's what I've been doing with my numbers with CC for a long time anyways (since they don't support simultaneous registrations), and I've been mostly unaffected by their DDoS.

With that said, what exactly is wrong with my advise as given above in my previous message? You obviously didn't quote my reasons, but it's not like I'm just bashing CallCentric for no reason whatsoever.

Lack of multiple concurrent SIP registrations alone is a good enough reason to avoid CallCentric when all you want to use is IPKall and Google Voice. I stand by my words. If they didn't want to be "beaten", maybe they should finally address the problems instead of bashing their competitors.