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Gatineau, QC
reply to hm

Re: Great news! - CRTC blocks Astral buy by Bell

said by hm :

said by corster:

I can't see a viable buyer (short of TELUS deciding to get into content, which they've shown no interest in).

Both Cogeco and Rogers stated they want to buy.

But Rogers only really wants TMN and HBO Canada. Bell would never divest those.

As far as Cogeco is concerned, i'm pretty sure they want the whole thing, not just Bell's leftovers. Especially not their english-language leftovers.


I don't think the CRTC would give up TMN & HBO to either Bell or Videotorn. Would go to Rogers or Cogeco. Unless those two are split up between videotron and Rogers or Cogeco.

Also, nothing up to this point negates or shows that a 3rd player isn't coming in and filing *with* Bell and astral. Could be a small surprise on the way. No one knows.

Maybe the CRTC Broadcasting Vice-Chair they took out for a night on the town started a company w/ Bell money to snatch it


Saint-Leonard, QC
Bell and Astral will never sell to Quebecor , Rogers and Shaw will be the one to help , Rogers was against the transaction since it wanted to be part of the transaction and wasn't.

Might be too that Bell knew it would be rejected so Rogers,Shaw or another company would be there when they do another offer this way Cogeco and Quebecor can't complain.