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West Orange, NJ
reply to Tonice2007

Re: Router Replacement?

said by Tonice2007:

said by Mac973:

said by Lex Luthor:

The tech in chat last night increased the "wireless signal strength". He said it was set to low. Not sure what that means exactly, but I'll see if it helps.

I don't believe it is possible to change the wireless signal strength.

How could one say this, there is no way to "physically" increase the wireless signal, without a amp...

Elsewise, you can change the different channel the WiFi signal is operating on, to reduce interference. Therefore, "increasing" the signal strength.


You could also remove walls and other "objects" blocking the signal strength, to "increase" the signal strength, too.

Yes, obviously. But the OP said the *tech* increased signal strength, and my point is there is no way they could have done that remotely. Maybe he changed the channel, but it's not like you can turn up the wattage on the router and put out a stronger signal. It's basically just a BS remark from the tech to get the customer off the phone. I have seen it before.

Lex Luthor
Hicksville, NY
This was just an online chat with India. He didn't sound like he know what he was taking about. I did question it, but that's all he could tell me. He didn't change the channel. I'll monitor this weekend and will push for a router swap if it's still bad.