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reply to shaner

Re: BB10 launches Jan 30

said by shaner:

said by pnjunction:

said by shaner:

Yeah, but facetime only works between two iPhones. This should allow people to make calls over wifi to any phone.

Don't think so, BBM to BBM only. Sounds like you both need Wi-Fi at the time as well.

voice calling feature that will allow BBM users to speak to each other for free when connected to Wi-Fi networks

Ahh..gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

so, since there are exponentially more iPhones out there than BB10 devices, the ability to use Facetime is much higher...as well, facetime works on WiFi or Cellular (wireless)...the BB version, while neat, isn't a game changer at all...it is likely a non-issue, since very few people will have it, and it only gets used in wifi mode.
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