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Re: No more Hostess Twinkies for a while

seems it wasn't just about a pay cut. Kind of a worst case scenario for everyone but the creditors as usual. The unions argument was about pension funding more than pay.


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reply to meeeeeeeeee
said by meeeeeeeeee:

Geee... A LOT of the brands you talk about were OWNED by Hostess. They're gone, with a whole lotta jobs. Dolly Madison, Drakes, Wonder Bread... All gone.

I mentioned three + Hostess. That doesn't seem like a lot.

said by meeeeeeeeee:

Oh Yeah... they ALSO did a lot of baking for many local.regional companies, which are now SOL. More jobs gone. Look at the wrappers of your favorites that say "Interstate Brands". Yep, was baked by Hostess... it's gone.

Again, the primary reason they're gone is people don't want what they're selling. Hostess was on the skids before the latest union/management dust up and the reasons for that aren't going away.

As far as jobs and what not; I welcome ex-Hostess employees to the real world that most people live in, with all it's uncertainties and challenges.

Weaning from the protective teat of Gov/Unions is difficult but I have faith they'll learn to stand/walk/run/thrive without it.
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said by meeeeeeeeee:

18,500 jobs have gone poof! Forever gone.

That's not generally what happens. Hostess closes shop, they don't make their products, other products are purchased instead of Hostess products creating increased demand and other jobs. People don't start eating less junk food because one particular company closes up. The demand for junk food remains, they just buy other products instead.
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I don't eat Twinkies but I did eat Columbo bread. All gone now.

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So basically they offered the union everything but what they asked for!?

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reply to CXM_Splicer
They have already been making concessions and been getting screwed over. They were tired of it, it's been going on for nearly 10 years.

I'm sure they hope someone will buy it and run a proper operation, but it maybe most of them are out of jobs. Still when you push people too far this is what happens.
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I read an interesting story in my local paper. One of the union guys was complaining about how he USED to make $80,000 a year with full bennies and a PENSION and now he only makes $60,000. $60,000 a year to deliver TWINKIES??!! And He was COMPLAINING??!!

Then of course, there were the ridiculous work rules established by the unions. Different "brands" required different drivers and trucks so that if one store sold Wonder Bread and Twinkies, both would have to be delivered in separate trucks. Why? Would the Wonder Bread fight with the Twinkies in the back of the truck?

I think there's plenty of blame to go around on this one. You can't realistically expect to be paid huge amounts more than your job is worth and have the company survive. No one is going to pay $75 for a Twinkie so you can live large.
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Your American icon will remain on sale in Canada.

Go ahead, make a run for the border.
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reply to pnh102
said by pnh102:

This is how unions for airlines operate... they give back benefits when times are bad and they fight hard for benefits when times are good. The company stays in business and the employees get paid. Would the BCTGM giving in saved the company? Nobody will know now, but as someone who took a pay cut as opposed to losing my job, I'd definitely have taken the pay cut.

Permit me to append to that thought. A long-time friend of mine is a 767 Captain for Delta Airlines. He hired on with them about 25 years ago.

Some years back Delta told their employees in general but I am referring specifically to the pilots and their union that they needed to make serious salary cutback consideration to save the company from filing a BK and going under. Eventually the pilots gave up 35-40 percent of the salary!

A couple of years later Delta filed a BK anyway. The resulting BK emergence ended up with including the previous 35-40 percent pay cut an additional pay cut to bring the total cut to 50 percent. Plus, wait for it, the pilots entire pension plan was forfeited or liquidated or however you want word it the pilots lost it. I haven't talked to him for a while but unless something dramatic has changed when my friend retires he gets no pension.

So when talking about unions there is more than one story and there is no such thing as stereotype union or mindset of unions.