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Berwyn, PA
·Verizon FiOS

Anonymous VPN service on ASA 5505

I have an ASA 5505 at my home connected to Verizon FiOS. All traffic out of the house traverses the ASA. I would like to configure the ASA to send all traffic to an anonymous VPN service similar to StrongVPN/PureVPN/HideMyNet, resulting in anonymous browsing for all devices in the house.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reliable and reputable anonymous VPN service that supports IPSec configuration at the firewall/router level as opposed to the device level? All the services I found appear to restrict service to the worksation or device level, and do not allow running the service at the router/firewall level.

Thank you for any input.

First off, alittle clarification. VPN is about SECURE communications over an INSECURE communications
medium, like the internet. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of s**t and twice as dumb.

That being said, easy enough to do a site-to-site VPN config on the ASA, but as you found out most VPN services
are about making the connection from the endhost level rather than the home router level. Or they are geared with
a dd-wrt or similar setup, of which I won't claim any expertise in setting up.

One option is to convince a friend who's on a different ISP than you to get an ASA, rig up the site to site VPN, and you're
off to the races. Mind you, the minute your traffic exits their ISP your traffic is no longer encrypted.

Seriously though, if you're seeing stars in your eyes about "anonymous" browsing, I'd look into TOR.