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London, ON
reply to vue666

Re: Gasoline Prices Below 99 Cents/Litre By Christmas

said by vue666:

You mean like those cars that paralell park assistance?

i get a kick out of that feature...on a big truck or van, i get it...but a Focus with parallel park assist??...really???...if you can't parallel park a Focus, stay off the fucking roads.

it reminded me of a debate i had with some people on another board about the Scion iQ...they rambled on about how great of a car this was for "urban commuters"...i countered that it had a lot of drawbacks to other cars like a Honda Fit, or Kia Rio5...they said the small size of iQ was perfect for someone who doesn't need a larger vehicle and that the iQ's size would be easier to manage in the city...again, if you can't manage a Honda Fit or a Rio5, take the bus and don't drive a car, period.
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