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reply to iamdrumming

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by iamdrumming:

1. I don't understand why non-ikTel people come on here (Starts with Tr rhymes with holes) It seems like they have nothing better to do. If you have a connection that's up 24/7, 365 days a year, and never ever goes down, then enjoy it.

I have an idea for you.

1. Start your own website and your very own forum
2. Deny access, contributions, thoughts and participation to everyone except your select group of iktel users.
3. Live happily ever after in la-la land.

Or, to be more blunt, if you aren't happy that there is full participation and open comments in this forum go somewhere else or restrict yourself to the iktel forum found here, »ikTel Networks, instead of the Canadian broadband forum.

Or alternatively, go this this section of the forum:

Create a topic stating that all topics must be locked out from users who do not use the ISP in question. After you get laughed at, then you will see the reason for this post I just made.

Now having said all the above, iamdrumming, maybe now you will stop your ridiculous posts (this isn't the first one) about how people shouldn't post here, and you can also stop calling people names who are not iktel customers that do post here.

Now in regards to the person who you are calling names like troll or whatever, found here »Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP He isn't wrong, and his comment is justified with all we have seen to date. Now if that just so happens to bunch your panties, too bad for you.

This ISP to date has been pretty bad. Actually ignoring their users (as shown). But I guess you don't want people stating the obvious because this, for some reason, bugs you. The obvious must only come from an iktel user for some strange reason.

K that was my 2-cents. Now to laugh.