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reply to iamdrumming

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by iamdrumming:

said by coaxguy:

I dont understand why people are still using IkTel. It seems like they do nothing buy provide an unstable service at best, and ignore and shun customers at the first sign of problems.

I have this vision in my head of a man, in a ice cream trucked filled with smoking servers and 1000 ringing phones hugging a pile of cash smiling.

1. I don't understand why non-ikTel people come on here (Starts with Tr rhymes with holes) It seems like they have nothing better to do. If you have a connection that's up 24/7, 365 days a year, and never ever goes down, then enjoy it.

2. If you are having visions and hearing voices again, I suggest you see your therapist asap, and get him to up your meds.

Have fun with Bell, and Fib, er I mean Fibe, one of the biggest crooks in all of telecom.

1) I come in here so I can keep a running count of people in Niagara who enjoy the sound and sight of money being flushed down the drain.

2) Insults? What is this, grade 9? See you in gym class.

3) Not a Bhell customer. Currently on a STABLE Cogeco connection until my Start activation date. You must have assumed I'm with Bell because once upon a time I reviewed their service. We all know what happens when you assume, don't we?

On a side note, I'd definitely prefer to pay Bell for a VDSL2 connection then have to worry about my internet connection being down more often than a beach has sand.