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reply to Aranarth

Re: Idiot users...

I used to love getting those calls.

User is getting some sort of error and not at computer! Usually determined that in the first minute or two. No need to continue the conversation at that point, as everything would be guesswork.

Explain what is needed in detail, to help them when they call back and are at the Computer using the Program that is generating the error. And, bang, you are done.

If one is working on a call metrics system and time per call is one measure used, allowed me to spend more time with users who knew what was needed to solve their problems. All the time making me look like I knew what I was doing. Which, in part, was call management.

Document it well in the Trouble Ticket and then cya is in play. If a the call is monitored for Quality, would always get a 5/5 in these cases.

Would get several a day like these for the Product/Service we had.

I would not take "their" problems personally, nor would I allow them to transfer "ownership" to me of their own failings. In another career, I had developed a very thick skin.