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North York, ON
reply to umm eh

Re: CNOC Files w/ CRTC Against Rogers

said by umm eh :

said by aaah :

CNOC's filing found here (Dated Nov 9th):
»services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/instance ··· Lang=eng

Is it just me or has the whole file now disappeared?

As far as I know CNOC still has a right to reply. Why is the whole file gone? Where's the link? What's the new link? Why was it deleted from there?

F&S I hate the CRTC's website. We should all file that their website sucks moose balls.

It disappeared just after 8pm last night from the "Open for Comments" section, and moved to the "Closed for Comments" section. Only CNOC can now reply to the Part 1 Application for Speed Matching Enforcement, and they'll do it via Email & Access key, so it doesn't really need to stay on that specific page.

»services.crtc.gc.ca/pub/instance ··· Lang=eng

Switch the year to 2012, and it'll be the top listing there.
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umm eh

ah lol ty for explaining that. Never saw it cuz I have cookies off. :/ Duh on me.