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The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to TheHox

Re: Wiring up an apartment building

said by TheHox:

said by Inssomniak:

said by John Galt:

It's my understanding that this is a free service provided to the tenants of the building.

If he uses the RB750 as a switch more than anything then there is no benefit to accessing or trying to bypass speed limits. The core RB1200 would do the heavy lifting. In fact the RB250 might be all you need just a switch to connect the rooms

I was just going to use a router and give that router a 10/2.

How would I setup that switch so the users on that switch get a 10/2 connection

I would limit at the core router. There are many ways to do it. You could do a PCQ for each IP. Or give the port/interface leading to the RB250 switch a max queue of 10/2. Highly recommended because tenants can't bypass limits and all changes are in one spot. You have 20 rooms. I would get a 24 port switch and vlan each apartment. Dhcp at the core, good to go!
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