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Jan Janowski
Skokie, IL
reply to antdude

Re: How long do Linksys routers last?

I ran multiple V1 BEFSX41's for maybe 6-7 years... Re-capped the power supply once... Ran beta code in these for years. Never killed one with an upgrade, but I did have one SX41 die. (All were Used Ebay purchases, so who knows how old they were....)
Same with WRT54G Ver 1... except just release Linksys/Cisco code

About 3 years ago, upgraded to Gigabit in house, replacing Cat5E for Cat6 wiring throughout.
Swapped BEFSX41's for RVS4000's (one new, one Ebay/Used).... WRT54G for E2000 (New) and 100mb to Gigabit switch.... Latest Cisco firmware, IPS loaded in each....

I've got one bug.... E2000 doesn't have bridge mode, so I have to toggle one setting on reset or power failure. But other than that, I'm relatively happy with these....
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