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reply to iamdrumming

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by iamdrumming:

The money I'm spending is the least of any ISP I have dealt with.

No insults. You were the one stating you're having visions and hearing voices. I'm just trying to get you the help you desperately need

My internet has gone down 2 times since I signed up a couple years ago. No ISP is perfect with 100% up time. I would rather pay ikTel, then pay Bhell, who are one of the lowest bottom feeders of all. Their "reputation" is legendary.

Then I suggest yourself should see a physician as you clearly cannot read and are seeing words I've never said, ie. hearing voices. That and you must also lack common sense if you could not interpret my sarcastic "vision" of what the owner of iktel does behind close doors.

Again you reference Bell, which is a moot point as they are not even my ISP, nor have they been in a very long time. But I guess it was just an excuse to use your cool "Bhell" lingo one more time.

You also must be a lucky, lucky guy. In a magical area where their issues don't affect you no less. I guess the 70+ pages of people posting "is your Internet down, Alan isn't answering the phone now" need professional help too.