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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: Upgrade from dpc3000 to dpc3010 and slower upstream speeds

I have done more baseline testing using some different methods so I can better test performance when I get the new modems.

I have a server at a hosting company and it has a high bandwidth connection. Last night I uploaded a 20GB file. This allows me to test a really long transfer and get a better idea of transfer rates. Im now measuring the speeds using my PC based router which runs Vyatta based on Linux. This allows me to use all the linux tools so I can measure the data rates very precisely live and with averages.

The upload rate averaged for the entire download was 5.4Mb/s which agreed well with the speedtest.net testing and makes sense as its the cap rate on my Ultimate tier of service.

It would be interesting to try transfers with different packet sizes as smaller packets require more processing overhead and might be different with different modems and chip sets.

Im also going to test download speeds, but I think the capping of upload speeds seems to be more important.

Im also going to look at latency and jitter. I have multiping and I set it up doing 0.1 ping interval, 10 pings a second, and then chart the results. I ping the cox gateway for my connection. I do this with no transfer going on and also with a full transfer of data that maxes out my upstream cap.

So im going to do all these tests for the new DPC3010 I am going to get, I already have all these tests with the DPC3000 and when I get my SB6180 later in the week I will do all tests on that as well.

Im also going to open them all up and look at chip sets. I know what the DPC3010 and 3000 use already. i dont know about the Motorola yet.