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Spokane, WA
reply to LFHC

Re: New DSLAM!

Thats the thing. I know there is enough cable coming out of the riser box to get a bonded line, in fact there are 2 cables that i assume have a total of 7 unused pairs coming out of the riser box. (each cable has 5 pairs, one has 2 used and the other most likely only 1) however, that doesn't give me any info regarding what kind of availability there is in the deep bundle


reply to Nemesis158
said by Nemesis158:

ok then, how many extra circuits are available to be used for Bonded DSL connections on old rural bundles?
I was kind of hoping that CenturyLink would put multiple terminals along the fiber line for my area and cut all the voice onto the fiber for each one so they could free up circuits in the bundle to get Bonded connections to people.....

Sorry, it just doesn't work like that.


Collinsville, VA
reply to Nemesis158
Im not entirely sure. But I think its pretty standard for the main underground cable to have a large number of pairs I would say 50 to 100 maybe more depending on the number of houses that were there when everything was first planned and the cable was put in the ground. Really though I dont think theres any reason to worry about it, if centurylink plans on expanding new services to your area then they will make sure everything is in place to deliver the service to everyone