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Re: My suggestions for the Gen4 HT1000

I'm still going strong on my HT1000. I still haven't seen much speed drop. One day I did have around a 7-9MB connection on a rainy day. But even then, that's fast enough to not notice it unless you do a speed test. My cap is still resetting so far, although it is taking longer to reset. It used to reset faster. Now sometimes it takes until the next day. The night cap still doesn't turn on.

Heavy downloading isn't a good thing with Hughesnet. With their caps. But as far as browsing and even watching youtube video's the 40GB a month is suitable unless you just watch videos all day. As far as browsing the web, you could do that all day and not run out the cap.

But when you start downloading and uploading, that changes things. Especially if it's video. This is why when my cap starts I will be going to my parents house to do downloads on my laptop because they have unlimited DSL.

Before Gen 4 I had a verizon air card and I had to do the same thing to upload video's, download movies from itunes, etc. Some people don't have this convenience though.

My word of advice for people uploading is to compress video's as much as possible while still keeping them looking good. You can upload a good video at 400-500MB with a good compressor. As far as download's, that changes.

I also keep the youtube player at 360P and tell it to not play higher quality video. Because I'm afraid they will turn the cap on and I'll forget and sit there and watch everything in 720p.

I don't have online Netflix anymore, I switched to getting them through the mail. At my old apartment I had cable internet and could stream Netflix. I'm not even going to try that with Hughesnet. Some people do it but I don't want that eating up that many GB of my internet browsing time when I can just get the DVD in the mail.

Hughesnet has satisfied me. Out here in the country this is as good as it gets. The internet is smooth and never cuts out and it never slows down enough to notice.

But as long as Satellite internet puts these very low caps on, they will never compete with any real ISP's. Plenty of people would choose Gen 4 over DSL if they had a bigger cap.

If I was them, my main goal would have been to get the customers as fast as possible with as big of a cap as we possibly could without slowing everyone down. Realistically, they could have made the cap bigger.

If they would figure out a way to have a solid 100GB cap, no Bonus bytes. Just 100GB across the board, they would have plenty of satisfied customers. Or, if they did random resets whenever they seen they had room for it non stop.

Still cheaper than Verizon. I paid 150 dollars a month for 20Gb of Verizon 3G and I only had 2 bars. I got about 1.5MB down and it sucked badly.