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[Qwest] My bill will D O U B L E Nov 22

My 12 month internet promo is set to expire after Wednesday 11/21 (through last day of billing cycle). I have super basic landline phone (poor cell phone performance, for 911 reliable, I like voice quality), and internet (40/5, fiber to curb-DSL to house).

I chatted online with Centurylink, and they say my bill will more than double from $62/month (what I expected). I must wait for Monday to talk to someone and negotiate, as chat can't help (sales). In the meantime, I'm looking for advice on getting an awesome value. I would do fine with less bandwidth. I occasionally download iso files from Microsoft, but it's never urgent. I do stream from Netflix and want enough bandwidth for that. I don't game much anymore. I don't watch much TV. Any I do is Netflix stream, or OTA (free). i.e. if I renegotiate package, or switch to cable, TV bundles are probably irrelevant. I'm a college student living off of savings and pricing is important. I think I've seen Comcast deals here in Minneapolis for $20/month internet. What might you do if you were me? Thanks in Advance. Below is what my bill looks like. Crap, I just noticed it says "11-18" is the date my rate changes. If I cancel, I think they'll only charge through last date of service (basically pro-rated), right?

Service Period: Oct 22 - Nov 21
You are receiving a reduced monthly rate for your High-Speed Internet service because of your 12 month term commitment. When your current agreement expires on 11-18-2012 your monthly rate will change to the standard rate.
Internet and Voice Monthly Charges
Internet - High-Speed Internet
Local Phone Service - Residence Line
High-Speed Internet Promotion
Month 12 of 12 -85.04
Internet and Voice Monthly Charges Total $45.94

Related Monthly Charges
Internet Service
Advanced Modem - Lease 5.95
Local Phone Service
Federal Access Charge 4.92
Access Recovery Charge 0.50
Related Monthly Charges Total $11.37

Taxes, Fees & Surcharges Total $4.73

Total Internet and Home Phone Charges $62.04


Ogden, UT
When you call in, select the cancel internet service option. You will be connected to the retention department, this department will offer you the best deals. I have had pretty good luck at getting promotions extended when talking to the reps in this department. When talking to the reps be polite, explain that you like the service you are receiving and would prefer not to switch to comcast (mention the 29.99/month comcast deal if they don't extend your current promotion), and only say cancel/disconnect service if you mean it. Also you can also save $6/month if you buy the modem instead of leasing it.


reply to pcrequest
good advice.


reply to kiknwing
Thanks for the advice. I'll have to wait till Monday to call them. I'll report back. I recall not wanting to buy the modem, since I wanted the option of switching providers.


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They offered about the same price (about $68 per month) plus caller ID, solicitor rejections, etc, so that seemed fair. Same internet. I asked about buying the Q1000 modem and they offered it for $74. That's about what I pay for rental, so I bought it, so my bill is back down to $62 per month for the next year. Thanks for the advice.

Wisconsin Dells, WI
reply to pcrequest
I would think you could find a used modem on ebay or CL for around $20.
The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth


I did check before I said OK to buying the modem, and I was seeing around $40 and up. The spread didn't seem worth my time to monkey around with re-configuring my network.


Cookeville, TN
Make sure you keep all paperwork that shows you purchased the modem.

In my area they seem to have a habit of loosing their records of the modem sales. Later if/when you terminate your contract they demand you return the modem or pay for it again unless you provide proof that you already paid for it.


Thanks for the tip.