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Re: I don't think Hughes Gen/4 works with Apple devices

I just had my Gen/4 installed. I only have Apple laptops in my home. Everything works very fast, no problems. The only issue is trying to find out from Hughesnet, how many movies from Netflix can I use per month.


I have the same experience CNR123. I don't have any issues what so ever. All I have are apple computers and two IOS 6 devices.

As far as how many Netflix you can watch, it depends. But I switched over to getting 3 DVD's in the mail at a time, rather than streaming Netflix. Hughesnet just isn't the type of service made for streaming Netflix. I mean you can, but if you like to browse the web like I do it's going to really take from that.

The cap is not an issue when browsing the web. Since my cap has turned on I haven't even used a GB and they have had it on for 3 days. Not even a half a GB. But if I was to stream Netflix it would go down quick.

Youtube doesn't take much, but I keep it at 360p and I don't click video's that are an hour long unless I'm for sure I want to watch it.