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Brooklyn, NY
reply to Nick21

Re: Speedtest fine but huge lag, latency & packet loss in Queens

said by Nick21:

They always say it's on your end. I experienced all this hoopla last year, after I ruled out my PC by trying a second one on my line, they then said an equip issue. They blame everything but the network/node until you've exhausted everything. I even got rewired and a new PoE, then finally they put a ticket for the node.

Tell me about it. I had major connection problems starting in the end of August from the connection going dead but the modem lights showed normal to sudden slow upload speeds. They say there is no problem in the area. Had a tech come and ran a new cable line it was fine for a week and a half then started with the slow connection. Swapped my modem six times and then bought my own.

Telling me to connect the modem directly to my PC which did not work unless I rebooted the modem then it was fine. One moron even said to leave my PC connected to my modem for a week and I told him that I can't do that as I have other computers and devices hooked up. Then they will sometimes admit there was a problem in the area. This was all before the hurricane.

What they finally told me after talking to these outsourced morons is that they were doing major work in my area. They increased the download and upload channels as before there was only four and now there are twenty upload channels. So far it has been good this month.


New York, NY
Yeah and how do you know if they have 20 upload channels? I have four now. Thanks.