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Turbo Hub Upload Speed problem


I have two turbo hub modem using bell cellular 3g network.. It's two Netgear MBR1210.

I'm far away from the only cell tower available in the area.. about 12km. So I'm using an Wilson amplifier booster kit...

My setup is :
1 Wilson Antenna 800Mhz 13DBi gain
1 Wilson Antenna 1900Mhz 14DBi gain
then a Wilson combiner 1900+800
20' Wilson-400 N-type Cable
Wilson N-type 50 Ohms to 75 Ohms F-type converter
6" rg-6 cable
Wilson AG Pro 65 amplfier 75Ohms F-type
then the wilson interior antenna.

Antennas alignement is at the best position. Antennas are about 10 feet over my roof.

Signal strengh on the Turbo Hub is at -75db. Download speed about 3.8Mbps, no problem. Cell phones works ok..

The probleme is UPLOAD : I cannot get better than 0.25Mbps.

What frequencies does the Turbo Hub use to Upload? The 800 or 1900Mhz band? It's hard to know if the problem is my installation, the cell tower or just the distance...