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reply to johnrmeyer

Re: I don't think Hughes Gen/4 works with Apple devices

said by johnrmeyer:

Major flaw with Hughes Gen 4 on Apple devices.

I've spent 5 hours with Apple advanced tech support trying to resolve issue as to why Hughes Gen 4 causes Apple wireless devices to download at average 6 Mb/s (on a good moment). Also pages glitch on load. I've control for entire environment, and troubleshooted on wireless connected iMac * PC which work fine averaging 12 Mb/s. The issue is Gen 4 on Apple mobile devices don't work. Real challenge considering we have 8 of them in our home. Likely going to cancel service next week unless Hughes Level 4 tech resources decides to return my call.

Also, Gateway used to transfer data from SolarCity inverters is not working on Hughes Gen 4.

Modem is HT/1000.
Have tried testing on Netgear router and 2 different Apple Extreme routers. Same issue.

On the other hand... really happy with download speeds on PC/iMac.

If your saying and your absolutely positive that the issue is Gen4 then speak with hughes and not apple, cause all your gonna do is waist some people's time that don't even have an ending to the situation except with aggravation. I have a old ipod from apple and my sister in law has a ipad witch is also from apple and neither are having problems at all so its gotta be on your end. When we called hughes we heard that something was'nt quite right on there end however thats still to be heard from cause they never called back, we had problems but guess what?? it was on our own f&%king end, the problem we had was NOT on hughesnets end.

I'm not saying its all your fault and then fix the issue better cause its on your end but it might be configuration in settings somewhere but i have no clue on networking. But I know the problem that we had here at my place was for sure on our own end.
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