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Bangor, ME

9 months of poor DSL service in Maine - NEED HELP!

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This is on a 9mbps download 1 mbps upload service. As of yesterday FP moved my account to a new fiber optic network, but I still cannot upload and download at the same time. The speed test above is when i am doing and upload. when doing a file upload, the entire DSL service just crashes and becomes useless.

I have gone through 15+ support calls with FP, and after 4 months of troubleshooting they told me there is nothing more they can do for me.

I have my QOS upload capped at 700 mbps but does not help. I see many other QOS but not sure how it should be set. I have a Westell 7500

Upstream bogs modem..
Even when you are downloading you are uploading the same time. Basic ack from your machine to host machine you want some data and have some already.

I would suggest trying the following.
Bypass any and all home networking equipment.
Go directly into the dsl modem.
Reboot your modem.
Wait for lights to be solid, then turn on your pc.
Try uploads/downloads...what are you using to test uploads? Torrent software does some funky things that can cause issues with tcp/ip concurrent connections that can cause issues...
If above worked, and everything is good, sorry but it was yr homenet causing the issue.
If above did not work, call fair point and ask for a service call and have them test..

Alfred, ME
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reply to grease6
Maxing out in either direction will adversely affect the speed you get for the other. In other words, you will never download at 9 megabits and also upload at 1 megabit at the same time.
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Milford, NH
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reply to grease6
As others have posted if doing a speed test by itself yields correct speed FairPoint is delivering what they advertised.

That asymmetric nature of residential accounts makes it easy to saturate upstream bandwidth. When that occurs downstream suffers because ACKs get delayed.

1) Make sure FairPoint is delivering advertised speed - run speed test with nothing else using the Internet.

2) Then experiment throttling upstream traffic until it does not impair downstream.