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Last Parade

Port Colborne, ON
reply to iamdrumming

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by iamdrumming:

How does he know it's going down "every two weeks"? That's right, he doesn't l because he does not use the service. ikTel does not go down every two weeks, not even close.

If someone has used the service, then post a factual review, good or bad. If you have not used the service, then don't post hearsay or post other people's opinions.

And this "track record" you speak of, is that from all the trolls who have never used the service? Probably. How is that supposed to be legitimate, and factual?

You should turn off the computer and go to bed. Time in tuck in. Goodnight...

Are you delusional? Read the thread!
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