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Fort Erie, ON
reply to iamdrumming

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by iamdrumming:

How does he know it's going down "every two weeks"? That's right, he doesn't l because he does not use the service. ikTel does not go down every two weeks, not even close.

Bzzt. I did use them, and had to deal with a mother and a sister complaining to me to the point of being in tears because of how shitty Iktel's service was. I gave them a fair shake. Defended Alan over and over again for all the problems. I finally said enough was enough, pulled the plug and never looked back.

Why you guys haven't voted with your wallet despite being treated like shit is something I will never know, but I am just as qualified to comment on how shitty the service is BECAUSE I AM A FORMER CUSTOMER.

And for what it's worth, the email Alan sent my mother when we finally pulled the plug was beyond unprofessional, something I would never expect anyone running their business to ever do. I say this as someone who, you know, runs a business, but whatever.