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reply to Gone

Re: ikTel Networks - Niagara ISP

said by Gone:

you'll one day realize that there comes a time where quality is far more important than cost.

There is a market for cheap. The, "I saved 1$ plus tax" crowd. This is the same group of people that take Acanac.

People will defend cheap and continue to buy cheap. Quality, stability, support, consistency and reliability be damned. I saved a dollar.

There is a market for it. There is a big DSLr presence of this crowd. And then there are those who just can afford better. So can't really blame them or the situation.

But people should be made aware of what they are buying. Many are oblivious to it and just look at price as the determining factor.

Two sides to the coin too...

Fort Erie, ON
Acanac, for all their faults, at least seems to be somewhat reliable, if not for the fact that when something does go wrong you can't get a hold of anyone to fix it. Most of their issues seem to be provisioning and billing related. Once you're up, it usually stays up.

But Iktel? Whether or not the service works on any day is like getting an answer from a Magic 8 Ball.
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