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Elmhurst, NY
reply to SESnut

Re: Speedtest fine but huge lag, latency & packet loss in Queens

The separate ones for modem / phone was what I use to have before the switch into the 2 in 1 on the 14th. Had that modem for about 5ish years? All the problems I had before with ping drops and lag were always due to the lines. Somehow water seeped in, connections were loose outside the house, or lines were just bad. I seem to always have some sort of issue 2-3 times every year requiring support. All the times I've had to have techs come out to repair wires, they all said that the wiring on the entire block is just horrible and really needs to fixed up. That will of course never happen...

This new issue with the outside cable wires leading to modem pinging perfectly fine according to tech support, but pinging from modem to PC's having drops is a completely new issue. When the tech told me it has to be something wrong with my computers. I almost believed her, but then I tested it with my friend's laptop who lives in another Borough and has had 0 issues at his home mysteriously gets the same issues when I connect it at my house. I'm going to have to go with it's not my fault. I'm running the tests with direct connect to the modem, no router. Testing between a couple just bought, brand new ethernet cords too.

Only semi solution I can come up with at the moment is to keep calling tech support every day.


Flushing, NY

The only reason I say it's not the line is because you can see the signal to noise ratio and signal power on the modem status page and I'm assuming the tech sees the same thing when they run a line test, which means the wiring is good.

Look at this ping test; just awful


Flushing, NY


I just got disconnected and it looks like I stopped lagging for now.

Speedtest also shows the new 15mbps download speed.


Flushing, NY

nope, spoke too soon