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Houghton Lake, MI
reply to n_w95482

Re: Can No Longer Read CD's

said by n_w95482:

Considering that the drive worked fine with a few dozen other discs (mainly Sony), I'm putting the blame on the Maxell discs. The drive deteriorated very quickly once I started using them.

I have CD and DVD disks i burnt back in 2003 and they are still good today (but not really using them anymore). I have always bought the cheaper disks. I have used many maxell from walmart (but i check the Media Code if it is not good i take it back). The main thing is to make sure you buy disk that are known to work good with your drive model. I would buy a drive based on what media it was compatible with using this site to look up the details from customer comments. You can look up both Writers or Media.

Some DVD burners will not work good with some Media.

I had one case of Maxell disks from walmart that was opened when i buoght them, it turned out it was a bad batch of disks, I used about 20 without error (i think they replaced the missing ones from the last person that returned them) then the next ten would not burn a good disk (the Media code was a cheap version, known bad). I took them back and got a full refund even with 20 disks missing.