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Re: [Express] Possible to get a good internet deal?

said by aznnorth:

said by bt:

said by aibojk:

The retention rep told me the speed is exactly the same as Express. He said he put the speed 25/2 on my file to assure me.

And the reps are always 100% correct and never lie...

I heard about this new speed pack and asked tech. They said it was true and added the code to my Express. At least for me it works.

Is that with the 300GB cap, though? Because with the regular cap the speeds definitely are real.



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Regular cap, 80GB. Oh, yea.. forgot. They need to add the right speed code onto your account. They screwed up at first as client care added the wrong speed code (an old grandfathered code) and complained to tech. They said you need the right speed code. I too, was getting speeds like 10-12/2 right after the change. Then tech got the right code, the modem rebooted and then started getting 25/2 speeds. I wonder if that has affected your speeds? They need to find the code that states 25/2 for 300GB promotion. Sometimes they dont look and we all know client care sucks. Tech had to tell client care what to put. For the regular Express 80GB, 25/2 the actual code is wm3.

Current 80GB express, speedtest.net.