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Re: Long run, long shot?

Manassas, VA
If you haven't already done so, call the sales rep they gave you the card for, or just skip it and call in to the normal residential sales line. Have them search for your address, in case it's already in the system as serviceable or non-serviceable. If it's not in the system, they should offer (or you should ask them) to create a serviceability ticket. That sends the address info off to the construction team to have them check to see if they can bring you service. The sales agent should give you a tracking number in case you want to check on the results yourself, although they should call you back if they're at all on the ball.

They may tell you you're serviceable and talk to you about getting installed. Or they may tell you you're not serviceable, and there are no plans to make you serviceable, which is a shorthand way of saying they're not going to do it at their expense. If that's the case, you can ask the agent to have the construction department give you an estimate of the construction costs to make you serviceable, and then you can decide if it's worth any expense. Good luck!


I should have been more clear. We have talked to the local comcast guy and he looked it up and said we are serviceable, so he shot an email over to some survey guy. We have not talked to them since.
Paying a lot really isn't an option. Looking to get a bundle service will that help?