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Re: 3801HGV is mislabled. Should be 3801SUX

I thought i had the problem resolved by adding a Dlink router behind the 2wire. apparently not so. _IT SEEMS_ like about the time when a computer dhcp lease is renewed or after it awakes from sleep mode - or just after an amount of time, the 2wire will assume the role of returning computername.gateway.2wire.net as old ip address, or non existent.

So what i 've resorted to is manually specifying on the Dlink, the WAN side DNS server ip to that of my ISP - rather than use the 2wire dhcp provided dns - which would be the 2wire itself. With that done, now everything, so far ... is acting normally, and reliably like my home network has for years. Pings work well, rdp by name, and mapped drives, network printers, internal intranet etc. All good so far. I'll stop back if i discover anything else.