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Chapel Hill, NC
·AT&T Southeast

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AT&T Promises Made, Promises Broken

Glad to see this situation getting more attention.

If AT&T thinks we can be abandoned without a reasonable alternative, and customers will go quietly sulk in the corner, they might want to reconsider that strategy...


If wireline/DSL is abandoned, ummm what about the decades of tack on charges on customer phone bills to extend (and not abandon) service into rural areas?

Warner Robins, GA
Not much will happen if Republicans control the US House of Representatives and have more than 40 votes in the US Senate. They think the breaking of promises to the public by the telecoms is always justified by stockholders short term thinking. This means we will not get FCC and FTC commissioners who are willing to enforce the spirit of the merger agreements. It also means not enough funding even if the existing commissioners were willing to do the enforcement actions. Another corporate owned US Congress.


Grenada, MS
The Democratics are just as bad. All of them are corrupted. Until we put a poor man in office and yes I said a poor man, some one making less than $40,000 a year in office it will always be this way.

AT&T have really forgot about the customer, like most business they are more worry about the investor hence why so many jobs are going over seas cause of the cheap labor. If AT&T don't wake up soon it will start to crash all around them.

Oh and yeah it took them a while for them wire my town in Mississippi but now Cableone is alot faster than they are I am just not happy with Cableone or AT&T, but as it stands my dsl 6m/512k is cheaper than cables 5m/512k.

Miami, FL
AT&T has remained the same through every iteration that I can recall.

Years ago right after the breakup, as a telco we had to do business with them as they owned all the pipes all over the world.

They are still one of the most mismanaged companies but are so powerful that they get whatever they want.


Paris, KY
AT&T has not broken their promise. They made a promise which was essentially meaningless, and the FCC accepted it. The promise was that up to 80% of their customers would get access to "wired" broadband (DSL, u-verse, etc), and the remaining 20% would be served with "alternative technology", which would include satellite. At the time they made the promise, they probably already provided access to 80% in the densely populated areas, and the folks (like me) out in the boondocks can get satellite. Bingo, promise fulfilled.

There are some (myself included) who don't think that satellite is acceptable broadband service. But that's what was promised and delivered. The complaints should be directed to the FCC, who knew damn well they were accepting a promise which effectively did not obligate ATT to do anything