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Got Wii U ?

Well it is out and the usual is set to happen. Those wanting one and those that have one and are willing to sell.

There are a lot of places where I will sympathize with the consumer, but this is not one of them. I just don't have any respect for a parent that will pay the prices of those that were quick enough on the draw to get one on day one.

I am not offended by these clever sellers though. My hat is off to them. It's legal trade and it is wise trade. Supply and demand at it's finest. Capitalism is what we prefer in this part of the world, and we do it well.

And for those that were slow on day one, didn't get up fast enough, and missed out on the supply that likely is at this hour all gone.... everywhere, here is your life lesson. You failed. This isn't your school, you are not going to be coddled, if you want that Wii U bad enough, guess what, they ARE out there, and savvy business persons will let them go for the awesome price of [insert very nice profit here].

Come, if you can afford 400 for a toy that is not revolutionary any more, you can afford 600. And if the only one you can locate is asking 800, pony up mom, because jr is worth it (well that's what we are always getting told at school when no one fails).

I paid serious cash for my Asus tablet, but I also got a seriously good deal on day one. And while yes my hands and my feet were friggin freezing after waiting in the very definite cold, I wanted that price drop and I earned it. And because I was not willing to settle for 'used' which is what they tried to pull on me, I negotiated for the next level up in design for the same price reduction. I paid an idiotic sum all the same for my toy, but, I certainly didn't pay the maximum potential that likely happened out there. I know the lesson of the early bird gets the worm.

And good luck to my buddy that currently has the new Wii U deluxe models for sale, complete with all the packaging, un opened, genuine receipt meaning genuine legit warranty. For the incredible price of.... ok that is his business But I do have his phone number if any are interested.