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Kennesaw, GA

U-Verse on existing DSL "home run"??

I have traditional DSL (north metro Atlanta Bellsouth territory) that I have a whole-house DSL filter that I installed outside next to the NID at eh basement level, and then I ran a home run (using cat 5e cable) for 75 feet or so to my den where I have my DSL modem.

If I got U-verse, would the same underground POTS cable to the NID be used, and could I still use my home-run? What would become of the old DSL filter? Do I get a new NID? just some basic questions.

Joliet, IL

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Re: U-Verse on existing DSL "home run"??

Yes, your POTS and homerun can and most likely will be used. They will not need to use the DSL filter anymore if you are getting VRAD VDSL UVerse. From other posts I have read they might still use the whole house filter for CO ADSL2+ UVerse.


Kennesaw, GA
reply to KennesawMtn
Well, my DSL to U-Verse VDSL (internet only) switchover/activation is tomorow. I hope my current wiring setup works seemlessly, with the existing whole-home DSL filter/splitter mounted outside next to the NID and the splitter hooked to a Cat 5e home run for the DSL. I hope to only need to swap the modems out. I would be surpised if a tech were to come by the house to check the NID, etc - as it's a self install and they assume I will use the provided indoor phone jack filters.


Michigan, US
reply to KennesawMtn
If your pre-existing whole home filter doesn't support VDSL2, you'll need to replace it with one.

These days, you usually just slap a whole home filter in the NID along with one of the gel-based surge protection elements. No need for a separate box for the whole home filter.


Kennesaw, GA
My NID is an older one (1990) not compatible with the filter modules that fit more recent NIDs


Saint Louis, MO
If the buried wire is a twisted pair or pairs they will reuse it if not they will replace it.

The cat 5 will work fine if it goes where it is needed.

The NID may be replaced if it will not hold the Uverse splitter.

Your DSL splitter will be disconnected and is not needed anymore they will remove it if you request.



Union City, GA
With U-Verse you don't need any filters. If you still want your traditional POTS service then you will need two lines to your house from the pole, one for POTS one for U-Verse. If you are getting U-Verse phone service then the tech could use the CAT 5e line running from the NID to the den to connect the residential Gateway, the brains of U-Verse, then run a jumper into your existing phone lines to get the phones in the rest of the house to work. If you are getting U-verse TV and internet then your set top boxes and computers can be connected wirelessly.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
said by nrobot80:

With U-Verse you don't need any filters. If you still want your traditional POTS service then you will need two lines to your house from the pole, one for POTS one for U-Verse.

Um, no.

POTS + VDSL2 U-Verse can and do work Line Shared on the same copper pair just fine

And when it is Line Shared, you do need either a VDSL2/POTS whole house filter @ the NID (highly preferred), or the use of dongle filters at the phone jacks similar to traditional ADSL/POTS Line Shares


Kennesaw, GA

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Installer came today, checked signal at my older style NID and said all was OK. When I asked about the whole-home splitter I already had being ok with U-verse, he was not certain as he does not normally see these, but he called his technical support area and they said it would be fine. I later looked up my splitter model # on its inside cover. It is a Corning SPS-H70-SR1, which Corning says is good with VDSL (guess I could have done that before, huh?)

I am seeing speeds near my 12/1.5 service level. So, in essence the swapover only required swapping out the modems (and resetting my network printer so that it got a new IP address - all other devices received a new IP address automatically.)